Anti credit frauds

Antifraud is Kalapa's exclusive product for fraud prevention. The most common types of fraud are forging papers and using fake documents to borrow at many institutions at the same time.

The reason why Kalapa brings anti-fraud product

In recent years, forging papers and credit card fraud started to appear more and a large amount of money was taken up.

Causing damages to both bank's assets and bank's reputation.

Facing this situation, Kalapa seeks and wishes to build research solutions and statistic some forms of forging (identity document forgery: identity card, citizen identity, ...) with aim to support Fintech companies to identify fraudulent cases, detect and minimize risk, bad debt situation.

The benefits of Kalapa's documents anti-counterfeit solution

Anti-counterfeit of identity documents
  • The solution to identify and automatically extract information from different types of identity documents with fast speed and high accuracy:
    • Citizen identity card.
    • Old identity card.
    • New identity card.
  • Identify and detect counterfeit documents.
  • Ability to process low quality photos, flare images, rotated photos, cropping angles, ...
Fast processing speed and high reliability

Antifraud builds multiple layers of detecting fraud and forgery automatically based on big data administration capability and builds hundreds of machine learning models, thereby meeting the highest standards of reliability in many fields as finance, banking, insurance, ...


Cost optimization - Fast - Efficient
  • Help business quickly and accurately process millions of customer's documents.
  • Minimize operating costs and customer authentication costs compared to manual methods.
  • Bring high efficiency, reliability and satisfaction to customers.