Lead Scoring

Lead scoring classifies good and bad customers from the first step of the application process, reducing customer onboarding time and risk related to bad customers.

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is the process of scoring customers based on a set of predefined criteria. Each criterion will have its own score corresponding to the importance of that criterion in terms of classifying good and bad customers. Criteria include customer behavior, demographic identity, and interests.

The ability to accurately score a customer helps the company classify good and bad customers, and minimize risks related to bad customers.

Classify customers through lead scoring models

  • Rank customers on a scale to get the fastest access to customers in need based on customer conversion rates.
  • Grading and classifying customer scores according to each potential level.
  • Make very fast financial decisions in a short time with high accuracy or give a loan limit that is suitable for each credit scale of each customer to manage risk later.

Providing a customized credit scoring solution for each organization based on their risk attitude.

  • Tailor lead scoring model to match the business models as well as the requirements of our partner
  • Depending on our partner's target customer segment and their behavior, we provide standardized and optimal solutions for lead scoring model of each partner.

Why choose a customer lead scoring solution?

  • Reduce execution time compared to manual methods.
  • - Reduce bad debt ratio up to 40% and other risks.
  • Saving human resources costs for businesses.
  • Optimize marketing costs.