KALAPA - Big data and Machine Learning technology company

eKYC - Antifraud - OCR - Lead Scoring


KALAPA - Big data and Machine Learning technology company

eKYC - Antifraud - OCR - Lead Scoring


eKYC is a method of customer identification through inspection and verification of photo in provided personal document that matches the user's identity at the time of online using facial recognition technology, life recognition and AI-based facial matching.

eKYC certifies customer information in credit fraud database and issues risk warnings to service providers.

eKYC helps to reduce human resources, much more convenient in simplifying procedures, improving customer experience, improving security, as well as helping consulting actuary to identify user, at the same time helping to save costs for businesses.


Antifraud is Kalapa's exclusive product in preventing through the forgery of personal document, use of invalid documents (old, erase, corner cut, screen capture ...) or use other sophisticated practices.

The rate of detecting fake identification of product in Kalapa is up to 98%.

Antifraud builds multiple layers of detecting fraud and forgery automatically based on big data administration capability and builds hundreds of machine learning models, thereby meeting the highest standards of reliability in many fields as finance, banking, insurance, ...

With the ability of processing information quickly and accurately to reduce costs and operational time for businesses, providing outstanding benefits and accuracy versus manual processing method.


AI-based OCR technology reads and extracts information on personal documents, helping to automate the information filling process of customer- minimizing tasks, providing intelligent experience for user.

Accuracy of OCR technology at Kalapa is up to 98% - under the market leading group.

OCR solution helps to digitize personal documents of customers, accurately identify and extract document content from images, checking the correctness of information, thereby helping businesses to solve digital problems of millions of documents quickly and automating processes in the age of digital technology, saving processing and operational time in terms of processes and resources.


Kalapa provides resources as data engineers and scientists who will cooperate with businesses to build machine learning models - scoring customers, individually according to the risk of each organization.

Classifying customers through scoring model helps to provide orders of preference in consultancy.

Lead Scoring service is reducing the rate of bad debts up to 40%.