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Kalapa Score
Early detection and prevention of fraud
right at the loan application step
Smart scoring system bsaed on AI
KALAPA Score uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to assess customers' risk and fraud levels right during the registration process. Help partners make decisions to accept or decline loan approval quickly and effectively.
How It Works
We assess how are users behaving during the application process.
We runs real-time machine learning algorithms on hundreds of behavioral indicators captured during the digital application process to immediately and accurately predict the intent of your customer.
With real-time intent scoring, KALAPA Behavior Score unlocks a high level of personalization and enables effective evaluation tailored to each of your customer.
How We Predict Score
As users engage with your web sites or credit applications, they leave behavioral patterns that give us an information about their intent.
We captures hundreds of these unique behavioral clues, comprised of thousands of behavioral patterns, while a user is filling an application.
We use behavioral data science to recognize and analyze this information, then we transform it into clear score, giving you accurate insight into applicants' intent and riskiness.
From this score, partners will understand the purpose and assess the fraud risk of each applicant.
Alternative Data
Improved AUC
Increase Profit
Know Your Customer Intent
Segment Your Customer
Identify Fraud
Know Your Customer Intent
  • Our score of your customer's behaviour effectively assesses whether their intentions match your needs
Segment Your Customer
  • Segment your customers according to your needs based on KALAPA scoring
Identify Fraud
  • Identify and stop fraudsters based on KALAPA scoring even at the stage of applying
Increase Profit
  • With proper customer segments by eliminating fraudsters and making deal with proper customer segments
Why choose
Real-Time Behavior Tracking
The system automatically monitors every customer to detect signs of fraud.
Suitable for All Types of Businesses
The scoring model based on artificial intelligence can quickly learn the characteristics of all types of businesses
Convenient Integration
Quick integration process with technical team ready to support partners.
Absolute safety
We commit not to collect any personal data from customers.
Confidentiality of Customer Information
We commit not to collect the content that customers fill in the registration form.
Alternative Data
Use alternative data sources, including unique information (from devices and user actions) that cannot be collected from conventional local databases. This data assists users in assessing customer risk more comprehensively and accurately.
Improved AUC
Enhance your ability to differentiate between good and bad customers by combining an internal scoring system with KALAPA Behavioral Score.
Hiệu quả của Mô Hình
Significantly improve approval efficiency and reduce bad debt
Up to
Giảm Tỷ Lệ Nợ Xấu
(Default Rate)
Up to
Tăng Tỷ Lệ Thu Hồi Nợ
(Recovery Rate)
Up to
Increase the predictive ability of existing scoring models
  • Ability to differentiate between good customers and bad customers
    average approx 0,3 GINI.
  • When integrated on the partner's available model,
    GINI can be increased 0,06-0,10.
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